Egghead - Beautiful and Accessible Drag and Drop with react-beautiful-dnd

Alex Reardon | Duration: 1h 03m | Video: H264 1280x720 | Audio: AAC 48 kHz mono | 198 MB | Language: English
Drag and drop (dnd) experiences are often built to sort lists of content vertically and horizontally.
react-beautiful-dnd is an excellent tool for these use cases. It utilizes the render props pattern to build accessible dnd functionality into lists that look and behave as you would expect-and you'll even get keyboard-accessible dnd, straight out of the box, with no extra work required. It's actually easy to start using, and this course is a great place to start.
We will create a highly interactive task management application from scratch using the building blocks of react-beautiful-dnd. Over 14 lessons, you will get practice in:

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